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With the Super Explorer Set, you can double the fun by buying 2 sets of your choice together at a discount.

Arkerobox are educational excavation sets that enable children to learn by experiencing them with innovative educational methods in order to develop their awareness of the world cultural heritage. In addition to the fun of excavation, children try to convey the artifacts they find to the museum on the map by answering the question cards in the set, and they can reinforce their knowledge by playing again and again.


  • Allows children to learn while exploring
  • It develops a sense of curiosity.
  • It gives awareness about the importance of archeology.
  • It develops a sense of responsibility by increasing interest and relevance to our cultural heritage.
  • Teaches solution-oriented work for the targeted result.
  • During the excavation process, motor skills are developed.
  • With the map game, he learns new information, understands the importance of cultural heritage and reinforces the knowledge learned.
  • It allows children to have a pleasant time by taking a while from the virtual world. 


    Warning: There is a danger of swallowing small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

    Product Details

    • Kazı Bloğu
    • Çekiç
    • Kazı Çubuğu
    • Büyüteç
    • Fırça
    • Kaşif Arkero El Kitabı
    • Eser Bilgi Kartı
    • Genel Kültür Kartı ( 3 Adet )
    • Bilgi Kartı ( 3 Adet )
    • Deneyim Kartı ( 3 Adet )
    • Harita Oyunu Tablası
    • Boyama Kağıdı
    • Kullanım Kılavuzu